The One without Implementing Domain-Driven Design

I finally finished my Architecture Patterns task today by reading through and making notes of the last parts of the Architecture chapter in Implementing Domain-Driven Design. I now have a cheat sheet with the most important aspects of the Layers, Ports and Adapters, Service-Oriented, Microservices, REST, CQRS and Event-Driven architecture patterns. Although I’m not sure these are all on the same level or of the same type. I’ll review this with my mentor next week. For now, I’ve done enough for this task.

The Event-Driven Architecture chapter of Implementing Domain-Driven Design finally convinced me that Vaughn Vernon’s writing does not fit the way my brain operates. I don’t understand most of the chapters in this book and I think it’s best to just give up on it for now. Maybe I need some more experience to understand what he is saying or it’s really the writing style that doesn’t work for me.

I’m also going to abandon my attempts to understand Lambda Calculus. After failing to understand the chapter on this in The Imposter’s Handbook, my colleague told me about this video about it, but it’s just too much. I have decided I don’t need to understand this right now. Knowing my limitations.

Less tasks, less stress, less pressure, good new year’s resolutions or whatever.