The One with an Architecture Diagram

One of my tasks for this week is to create an/some architecture diagram/s from the epics and user stories that I have written. And I have to admit that I have no idea how to get from a user story to an architecture diagram. I could model something that looks like the architecture we use in our latest applications but that doesn’t really make any sense. The goal of this task is to see which kind of architecture and system would be useful for the stories I want to implement.

I tried starting with a component diagram but I haven’t come far. What is a component in this Dashboard thingy? What is a component in any case?

I now have some kind of flow diagram for one of my stories that has some user action that creates a command that throws and event that is projected to a read model that can be shown by a view (everything with example data, woohoo). Maybe I should just event-model this? But I don’t think the rest of this makes sense with events. I don’t even think this story makes a lot of sense with events. And have I now kind of drawn a (very high-level) diagram of how this would be implemented in one of the apps I am used to? Or is this just generally a high-level diagram?

I’m confused. I’m learning. Everything is fine.