The One with Our Department Retrospective

We did a whole-department retrospective today, with a focus on how we can improve our work together, across teams in the future (so more of a prospective I guess).

It was a good event, with civilised, engaged discussions, several action items for different topics and without us bursting the time box too much.

The most interesting things happened during lunch break and afterwards though (of course): - I wore my Hufflepuff sweater. People started doing the Pottermore House test. So cool. We talked about the Houses’ traits and how we see our personalities. I talked with a fellow Harry Potter nerd about our impression that very few people get sorted into Gryffindor. Minutes later another coworker started doing it and I said “I could really see you belonging to Gryffindor” seconds before he got his result. He is a Gryffindor. - Later we ventured into more serious personality tests and talked about Myers-Briggs. And about how people are very different in the way they interact in social situations. And how to make it possible for everyone to feel happy, regardless of that. - There was one thing someone mentioned that really rubbed me the wrong way. I asked some other people about it and they also thought it was really weird. We all had very different interpretations of this person’s intentions when saying the weird thing though. We should talk to them.