The One with a New Dashboard

One of the ideas of my learning project was to build something that could potentially at some point actually be used in the company. We don’t have a cool dashboard to show our KPIs so it would be kind of nice to build one. Since we had this idea some other people noticed that it would be cool to have something like that and now it actually is a team’s project.

This means that I am going to switch my focus a bit. Part of my original dashboard concept was (mainly for technical reasons i.e. do something else than consume events by other applications) to log the Happiness Index data that we collect during team retrospectives and to get some information from an external employee satisfaction tool. This could still be valuable with the other team focusing on a KPI dashboard.

Another idea would be to build a team dashboard. We had a dashboard application that mainly collected some data from our CI and error tracking tools but it stopped working (for whatever reason, no time to find out) and we always wanted to have more data included in this dashboard. So I could find out what team members really want to see there and where/how I could get this data.