The One with Static Websites

A few weeks ago I told one of our frontend devs about my problem with this blog and its pagination. I actually don’t really remember what the exact problem was but it seems that with my setup of Jekyll and GitHub Pages I can’t do pagination. He told me to look into Hugo and Netlify (which I had heard of before but was too lazy to check out) and then said he could do a talk about this. Yay!

This talk was yesterday. He actually prepared some really, really cool slides with lots of little drawings and he explained his setup and the various benefits of using Hugo (with the Victor Hugo boilerplate), Netflify and Forestry and went through a quick sample setup. I hadn’t heard of Forestry before and I don’t think it’s something I would use, but I love the idea of having a CMS that can actually commit (and thus deploy) changes when you want to use this with people who are not used to Github and plain text editors.

And now I need to figure out how to port all these posts to a Hugo/Netlify setup. :D