The One where It's Not a Dealine

First day after the deadline: There is something (we haven’t really talked about until now) that apparently needs to be done in 3 weeks. Some protesting of another deadline lead “I’m deliberately not calling it a deadline, but a Stichtag”. Well, have you tried translating that word?

I guess that’s how it works, right? And I guess that’s what you have to find ways to fight against or to work around. So here are things I want to do in the next months that I have pushed off because deadline, that I’m not going to push off anymore: - Start working on my learning project again. And by start I mean start. Start implementing. I don’t care if this feature is actually a really good idea, I’m just going to do it. I’m going to learn about the technical stuff. - PAIR!!! There is one thing I have been doing a lot on my own these past few months: Consuming an event from another context, calling an application service and writing some domain objects. I can do that. But I hate doing it. I have been trying work from the outside in and there is always a point (at the same place) where I get lost. I then fight my way back out and feel very drained afterwards. There has to be a better way to do it and I am pretty sure my coworkers can help me. So: No working on a feature like this again until I have done it in a pair with one of the senior devs. - Pair with someone from another team. Another thing we have been putting off: Working across teams, learning from each other. I’m going to start doing that right after my easter break. - Start writing down questions that I ask myself when implementing something on my own. I know a deadline is not an excuse for not doing this (or only rarely doing this) until now, but I was too hectic. I’m not going to become like this anymore. I’m going to take my time and ask questions. - Get a GUI application for the database and try to understand more about events and event streams and event stores. I can get through our domain repositories quite well with Ecto from a command line interface, but this whole events thing is still so foreign to me that I think I could benefit from actually looking at tables. - Last but not least: Take the time to find more things that I want to do and then do them. This list above is just what has been on my mind a lot recently. There are definitely more things that are just not as prominent but important none the less.