The One with Visual Studio Code

I am typing this in Visual Studio Code. I made it. It feels weird. I am waiting for my coworkers to force me to go back because they can’t stand my mood.

So far I have not seen any benefits. Which tells me I am probably using it wrong and need to get someone to tell me how to use this right.

Things I have noticed so far that don’t work how I want them to: - duplicating files in the file tree (it’s just D in Atom and it’s beautiful!!!) - soft-wrapping lines (how am I supposed to write Markdown files on a wide-screen monitor when the lines don’t wrap? I tried some kind of wrap but then everything was wrapped and no, I don’t want my Elixir module name to be written in two lines) - copying the path for running this test in a separate editor (aggressively clicking the path in the bottom left of the window in Atom) - Cmd + T (I have no idea what it does, but Cmd + P is what I need to type and that’s hard) - Cmd + R did not work (I installed Atom keybindings, now it does, thanks) - auto-completing things: sometimes it works with enter, sometimes only with tab, and I am used to enter