Hello Hugo World

Is this thing on? (Ohrwurm-Alarm)

Edit, just a short time later: It is! Finally! I have moved my blog and all its posts to a shiny new site! <3

I ended up following parts of this explanation after deleting everything I had before (including the repository and Netlify project) because I had messed up again.

I did swear a bit. I was told to calm down a bit. Yeah well, this is stressful. But I did it.

Next steps:

  • add things like an about page
  • figure out how to put links in the sidebar
  • add tags to all my posts (ugh)
  • do some tiny CSS changes (my titles are a bit long and I don’t want line breaks on the index/posts page)
  • drink

Again, I might do the last step first and deal with the rest later.

Also, I bought the new edition of The Pragmatic Programmer and I’m beyond excited to start reading, so this might be how this site looks for a while. It’s a state I can live with, I think. It’s better than the endless index page on the old one.

Edit, just a few seconds after the last edit: I just realised that this theme seems to be a bit more strict about markdown rules. I think all my lists are broken. Ooops. I’ll add it to my to-do list