The One with a Barcamp about Communication

I spent this weekend in Essen, along with one of my team mates, taking part in a barcamp about communication.

I participated in sessions about:

  • effective and authentic communication
  • how to build a social intranet
  • setting goals
  • reflection methods
  • relaxed blogging
  • maintaining focus in meetings
  • how to training to be more quick-witted
  • going through with things
  • asking the right questions
  • non-violent communication

There was a lot of great input. I didn’t know the 5-finger method for reflection, I learned about mirror neurons and why being mindful and self-appreciative is important for good communication and I discussed my issues with non-violent communication with an expert. I talked to some really nice people (one had even worked with students from Studitemps before) that I think I’m going to stay in contact with. And I think I will go there again next year.

If I find time (definitely not this month) I will write some more about this. But I am typing this at 7am, 4 days after the barcamp, because I did not find any time before, and I am just about to head out for another conference. I’m busy. Super busy. Running from one thing to another. It’s very difficult to stop and reflect which is not a good thing, I think. But I’m not really worried. Things will slow down again. And I can proudly report that I can deal with stress much better right now than half a year ago.