The One with Links from Think About

I took so many notes and pictures from slides at the talks last week so I am just going to collect some links and resources here, sorted by talks, mainly for reference for myself but I guess they could be useful for others as well. So far I have read almost none of them, so I cannot say anything about their usefulness.

Linda Rising: The Power of an Agile Mindset

Eriol Fox: Diverse Representations in Design

Aly Blenkin: Understanding the consequences of our design choices

Ryn Daniels: CI/CD: More than Just Code

Susanne Kaiser: Preparing For a Future Microservices Journey

Laura Kalbag & Aral Balkan: Small Tech

Anika Zeidler: Algorithmic Bias

Eileen Wagner: Designing for Security

Maren Heltsche: Hack Society

Gerri Buchegger: Produkte gegen die eigene Moral

Vim Appadoo: Design, Diversity and Tech - How to use your power