The One with Atomic Habits

I have read James Clear’s Atomic Habits during the past few days, mainly for personal reasons, but now I am wondering how this might apply to work as well.

  • What are the habits I need to get into in order to reach my goals?
  • What are my goals, actually?
  • How can I stack habits? For example, are there things I could do each morning when I get to work or after every lunch break or before/after every commit?
  • What are good programmer habits, by the way?
  • How can I measure my progress to see if a new habit is working?
  • What would temptation bundling (pairing an action you want to do with an action you need to do) be in a work context?
  • How can I prepare my environment so that it gets easier to get started on a good habit?

I guess a typical example of a habit in terms of apprenticeship is doing a kata or something like that every day/week. But what does this help me with? And what concret things would help me get to feeling a bit better about myself and my work?

Seems like I only have questions today, no ideas or answers.