The One with Changes

It’s been a while since I posted on here and a lot has happened. I changed teams! It just didn’t work out in my old team anymore. And it has been both a long time overdue and very sudden and a huge surprise. For now I’ve landed in the team that I had spent my two swap periods with so I know a bit about them already.

I guess it will take me a while to figure out all the next steps and all that is going to be different, but a few things that come to mind are:

  • this team has a very different workflow and is much bigger than my old team
  • I’m back to Ruby (if you can really call it going back with my very limited Ruby experience before starting off with Elixir)
  • no coding in German anymore (well, there’s a lot of German in this English code, but it’s mostly English)
  • a new desk by the window (yay!)
  • I don’t know what happens to my learning project now: It was designed to help me get up to speed with programming a Phoenix application. I guess I should focus on learning Ruby/Rails now. And maybe I should start with some books/tutorials? Or am I at a stage already/still to start a new project and learn from this? And am I going to keep doing some Elixir stuff in order to keep up with it or should I focus solely on Ruby now (for how long?)

Many questions. Not many answers right now. But I’m excited for the next steps. It feels like a good change.