The One with My First Deploy to Production

This all feels a bit like back when I started out. Oooooh, my first approved pull request, woooow, that’s how you deploy to production! Just completely different.

My (mini feature, very much copy/paste) pull request from yesterday was approved in the evening so I merged to develop and tested on staging. Everything worked, two others checked as well, so it could be released. Releasing works almost exactly like in my old team so that felt really nice and comfortable. And all in all it feels like I have achieved quite a lot in what is essentially just two days really being a full part of this team. I wouldn’t mind if it went on like that forever (I know, I know, I’m not naive).

Afterwards I wanted to do fix a teeny tiny thing: There was the wrong kind of dash in a time range shown to the user and that’s a big pet peeve of mine. I searched the project for “ - ” but it was in too many files and most of it not related to the date range I wanted to fix so I fixed the view and tried to run the test suite. Ouch. So many failing tests that should not come from my changes. And the only other person with a similar setup to mine does not run tests locally so he just doesn’t care that it doesn’t work. He told me to just push it into a branch, create a pull request and see what happens.

I’ve just spent a few minutes looking at Semaphore’s output (many failed tests, as expected) and I don’t think I want to work like that. I guess I need to figure out whether I can try get the tests running on my machine or switch to our docker setup, both of which sound a bit daunting to be honest.