The One with a Deployment

I have deployed my application to Heroku! I started setting up my project on Codeship and Heroku yesterday, but it did not really work. Since I couldn’t figure out the Codeship error, I decided to manually push my project to Heroku for now. Which didn’t work either.

I tried following Phoenix’s tutorial on Deploying to Heroku but when I tried pushing, I got an error that the app could not be compiled because Heroku could not find the prod.secret.exs in its build folder. Yeah well if nothing has been built, where should this be? I asked my coworker and he told me not to use the secrets file but just add its content as variables in Heroku. And then I had missed some database configuration as well, so I just copied that from one of our old projects. And then it worked, hah!

There was my application, live on the interwebs. I seeded it with the Categories and Topics I had defined and then I could add Learnings. Something still seems to be wrong with signing up though, because one of my coworkers could log in and one could not. Something for tomorrow, I guess. Oh and refactoring. Maybe.