The One with Software Architecture, Organisation and Knitting

Yesterday I saw a tweet about a software architecture livestream by Eberhard Wolff and was very surprised to see that it had 89 episodes already and I had never heard of it. The previous episodes look really interesting, so I’m going to try and watch the livestreams in the future and also watch some of the old videos that are still online.

Today, I watched this stream about Software Architecture and Organisation where he talks about Conway’s Law, Domain-Driven Design , what kind of decisions an architect needs to make vs. an engineering team, the difference between rules and best practices and why best practices are not good, how to train people and that an architect is essentially someone who should train people to do good architecture decisions, thus making the architect part of the people who organise teams in even more ways than what Conway’s Law already implies.

Some interesting food for thought, especially on the rules and best practices and how to organise macro decisions. And I got some knitting done while watching the video. I think that is something I’m going to do more of.