The One With Mind Management and Bio Hacking

I attended a workshop on Mind Management and Bio Hacking (for Tech Leader, hehe) today, at the Digitale Leute Summit.

In terms of mind management, there was not really a lot of brand new information for me, but I really liked the structure of the workshop and the approach to gradually research the different topics and then focus on one method from 2–3 topics at a time to see what helps you. The topics covered were Be Aware, Relax & Recover, Reflect / Identify / Inquire, Towards Conscious Decisions and Manifestation, Letting Go & Forgiveness and Forming Healthy Habits. The Bio Hacking part wasn’t my cup of tea, for several reasons. But there were some interesting ideas for further research as well.

Some resources from the workshop I’m going to look into more now:

And some resources I already knew that the workshop reminded me of that I want to look into again or that I would recommend: