The One With a Remote Team Day

We wanted to do a team day today. We haven’t been together in person as a whole team since August last year and in the beginning of October, we decided we needed to change this and meet again for real. Today was the first day that fit into our schedules.

Well … we obviously did not do an in-person team day today. We had already decided to not do it at the beginning of the week, but from today on, all in-person meetings in our company have been cancelled anyway. Which is definitely the right choice, but it sucks so, so, so badly. I enjoyed the one day a week that I spent in the office with my favourite coworker so much. And I would have loved to finally see my team again.

But we decided we would do at least a bit remotely. We met for breakfast in the morning and did a very drawn-out daily standup and then spent an hour talking about work-related stuff that was on our minds but not immediately important. Things you would do on a lunch break if you are in an office, I guess. And we played some Geotastic! Still the best remote game ever. So it was a good day after all.