The One with EctoEnum and Locking

Long time no blog post. Last week was hectic. Did I talk about the new deadline yet? It’s actually closer to a deadline than whatever the first one was. We have to be done with a pretty hefty new application at the beginning of April. We are making some concessions to our sleek architecture along the way. We are pretty sure that we have not yet understood everything that is needed for our users’ process. We have cancelled all non-deadline-relevant events. My mentoring meetings have not explicitly been cancelled but I don’t really have time to prepare for them and I don’t want to take people out of their flow, so I have cancelled the calendar events.

We are still doing our mob code reviews though, which is good because there is even less pairing and code review right now than before. So when I was waiting for some thing to do today I went through my list of notes from our last code review and googled what I hadn’t completely understood there. I have learned about EctoEnum now. And I have refreshed my memory on what optimistic and pessimistic locking means. Next on my to-do list: Refresh my memory on Ecto.Changeset. It hasn’t been long since I read the Ecto book but there are already things that I don’t really remember because we hadn’t used them before, but we are now.