The One with Ruby, For Real Now

My first week in the new team is nearly done. It still feels a bit unreal and I guess there are still tons of tools that I haven’t set up yet, that I don’t even know about. But it was a good week. I like their way of working together, I feel well integrated in their team (that was a bit chaotic this week, mostly due to people being in onboarding meetings) and I am still pleasantly surprised by the fact that I don’t feel completely lost in their system.

I spent most of the time in a remote mobbing session with 2 of the backend devs on their big new feature. I helped structure some tests and got very confused by state things and learned a fair bit about Ruby and Rails from the senior dev.

There has already been a Ruby track defined for our internal apprenticeship/training program that consists of some books for different levels of Ruby learning so far. I decided to start with the very first book, Head First Ruby, because I really don’t know how much I know and remember right now. So far I haven’t really learned anything new, but I guess it’s always a good idea to read through some of the basics again. I’m excited to see how long it will take me to feel somewhat comfortable. Will it take longer than in the old team because I have missed so much of the software being built? Or will it work better because I know more about programming in general or because I know a bit about Ruby and Rails already? Will I be able to notice and understand the big differences? Let’s see!

I also have a rough plan for the next weeks and months and I’m going to work on my training plan when I’m back from holiday. I think I am going to start off the new chapter without a dedicated mentor. We didn’t really have a lot to talk about in the last weeks of my old plan and most of the time I only needed some quick help while running into a problem which I guess I can get from the devs in my new team without any dedicated time slots. But first, I’m off on holiday!