The One with Ruby Books

Guess what … I’m on a train! This time I’m on my way to Stuttgart, another one of our offices, where we will have our quarterly Open Space tomorrow. And while driving through the picturesque Mittelrheintal where there is no data service at all, I have finished reading Head First Ruby. I mostly just scanned through the pages and read the summary at the end of chapters because the ones I had left were about Documentation and Exceptions (not very different from Elixir here), Testing (I know what testing is and we will not use MiniTest which was explained in a bit more detail there), building web sites and storing data (again, I know the basics from Phoenix, and the explanations were about Sinatra and YAML::Store which I won’t be using either). But yay, I’m done with my first big task of learning a new language.

As I wrote yesterday, I already got some suggestions on things to read afterwards. Turns out the Rails for Zombies course is just the videos nowadays though and I wasn’t the biggest fan of them when I went through the whole interactive course some years ago and I don’t want to sit throught just the videos without the practice parts, so I asked for another suggestion and Sascha remembered that he had like the very first edition of Agile Web Development with Ruby on Rails way back then. I’ve never been disappointed with a Pragmatic Programmers book before, so I’ve bought it and will probably start reading this on my way back on Friday.

But first, I need to finish my project from our last Open Space, prepare some notes for facilitating tomorrow’s Open Space (eeek!) and look outside the window a bit more.