The One with Git Flow

I found a small wording mixup when I was looking at one of the apps of my former team today. Since it was Friday afternoon and I didn’t really have anything left to do, I asked the guys from this team if they were fine with me fixing it.

Finding the line of code and fixing it was easy. Running the test suite also worked surprisingly well, I already had the correct elixir and erlang versions, I just needed to update the dependencies and restart the message broker instance. I deployed it to the testing environment by pushing to develop but then …

I hadn’t deployed this application before, so I needed to initialize git flow, then start the release, write a new version into the mix file, commit this, git flow release finish -p, then I got confused by the merge and tag commit and forgot to write a tag message, so the release finish failed, back to the release branch, do the finish thing again, do the tag correctly, wait for CI, and then finally run the deploy to production script. Phew.

I know that this is already a fairly simple release process compared to other companies, but still. For my team, it’s push to main and run bin/promote. Soo nice.

I actually wanted to write about our release process a bit more, but I have a splitting headache, so this will be something for another blog post.