The One with a Rebranding

Last month, Studitemps rebranded to joballey. You can read more about it in German here, but in essence: Temp work has a negative connotation in Germany, but the way we do it is a good thing, we think. We enable mainly students (but not only students) to do flexible jobs to support their income while studying. Some students do jobs related to their field of study to gain some perspective on the actual job market after studying and some do other work. And we haven’t been working only with students for a while now. A big part of our business is not Young Professionals, people who have just finished studying and are looking for their first job, maybe without yet knowing which concrete direction they are going to take.

Thus, Studitemps did not seem right anymore and jobvalley was born. And now my blog also links to the correct site with the correct name as the link description. Took me a while to figure out where to put this. I think something is wrong with my editor setup. And I completely forgot how hugo works. I don’t think I’m going to learn more right now though, because I’m okay with the setup, I don’t anticipate another rebranding and I know how to write new blog posts. And it’s sunday. That’s enough for today, I think.